Swainway Internships Available

Swainway is a successful for-profit organic urban farm located in central Ohio operating since 2007. This season we will embark on a seasonal intern program to give those who are passionate about organic farming an opportunity to learn and grow with us. Our intention is to share three distinctive seasons of innovative and intensive farming techniques with those who are eager to contribute to the urban growing movement.

Core Learning Opportunities:

  • Experience daily operations; all aspects of growing and business considerations 
  • Involvement with indoor and outdoor general farm chores 
  • Tend farmers market stand to sell goods and connect with the community
  • Gain an inside vantage point of the thriving local food system in central Ohio

Seasonal Specifics:

Spring: March 7, 2016 - May 30, 2016

  • Seed, tend, and grow cell tray seedlings indoors  
  • Up pot seedlings and manage transplants in greenhouse 
  • Activate compost piles and vermicompost system
  • Prepare, plant, maintain outdoor garden and spring crops

Summer: May 30, 2016 - August 29, 2016

  • Prepare, plant, and maintain summer gardens
  • Harvest and market ready spring and summer vegetables including young ginger
  • Harvest, cure, and process our 2016 garlic crop
  • Potential opportunity to work with other neighboring micro farms

Fall: August 29, 2016 - November 21, 2016

  • Maintain fall gardens 
  • Harvest and make market ready summer and fall vegetables
  • Implement season extension processes
  • Apply fall compost to garden beds
  • Mulch and close down gardens for winter dormancy

Requirements for Participants:

Approximately 20 hours of time per week through 12-13 week season; individuals may apply for multiple seasons

Approach tasks with speed, strength, consistency and thoughtfulness

Provide own meals and appropriate dress for weather and tasks

Be physically active, maintain health insurance, and be able to complete tasks including lifting 50 pounds

Be eager and ready to learn and contribute to our farm and the larger sustainable food system



Weekly share of healthy superfoods

Hands-on experience in all aspects of a working, organic micro farm

Individualized guidance from leading urban farmers

Experience the farmstead lifestyle 

Optional feedback and evaluation to fulfill work study or intern credit requirements

How to Apply: Send a message with your intent and experience to joseph@swainway.com. Select individuals will be asked to come visit the farm for a work day/interview.