Mushroom Expansion Underway

building shelves

Have you ever been the disappointed farmers' market shopper who didn't get to market in time for our mushrooms? And maybe we've promised you that we're working on growing more?

We've been working behind the scenes for six months now outfitting the warehouse space. We've done a lot of cleaning, building, and arranging.

Now finally our shiitake, oyster, and lion's mane colonies are in the new space.  We expect that we might have to make further adjustments as we learn how to manage temperature and humidity in the bigger space.  Very soon we will be fruiting additional mushrooms that we can bring to market and restaurants!

mushrooms colonizing

PS. Interested in growing mushrooms at home? Patrick O'Connell, certified Permaculture Design specialist, will lead a class on mushroom log inoculation at Swainway gardens on April 19