Mushrooms - We grow shiitake, oyster, lion's mane, king trumpet, and chestnut mushrooms. Our mushrooms are grown with a focus on quality to capture their delicate textures and umami flavors. We are not a mushroom distribution company. You can rest assured we grow what we offer and never import or re-sell out of state mushrooms. Increasing the fresh Ohio mushroom supply and thus reducing the need for imports is a benchmark of our company. This supports local farms, ensures the freshest most delicious product, and overall exemplifies a sustainable food system. 


Microgreens - tiny plant sprouts grown on high-quality organic potting soil and exposed to light energy are densely nutritious and delicious. Use them in salads, as an elevated alternative to lettuce on sandwiches and wraps, or as a garnish to amplify flavor and nutrition. We grow a variety of microgreens and microgreen mixes for chefs and good health seeking people.


Ground food - With an emphasis on soil health, we take all the mushroom and microgreen waste from our indoor facility and thoroughly compost and add to our outdoor gardens. Amazing soil grows healthy plants which makes healthy humans. We specialize in growing an abundant of vegetables within small spaces and aim to grow nearly year-round using season extension techniques. Our staple crops available at the farmers include young ginger and turmeric, carrots, young onions, and lettuce mix. We also grow a wide variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables for our family.