Microgreens - tiny plant sprouts grown on high-quality organic soil and exposed to light energy - are a densely nutritious and delicious. Use them in salads, as a sophisticated alternative to lettuce on sandwiches and wraps, or as a garnish to amplify flavor and nutrition.

We like to experiment with different varieties of microgreens. Current regular varieties are:

Pea Shoots - pure and delicate flavor of fresh peas

Kale - mild and sweet with a kale taste

Radish - pleasantly peppery with a mild radish kick

Dragon Blend - complex mix of arugula, mustard, and mizuna

Broccoli - Densely nutritious and full of rich, savory flavors

We sell microgreens in 2-2.5 ounce labeled bags at farmers' markets and the Bexley Natural Market. Chefs and home cooks may purchase our microgreens in one pound bulk boxes as well.