The best home gardens start with strong seedlings. That's why we pamper organic seeds by raising them in premium organic potting soil, watering delicately, and hardening off gently so they are ready to grow into productive vegetables when transplanted. In late April-May you can find our organic seedlings direct at the Clintonville Farmers' Market or on retail shelves at  Weilands, Lucky's, Bexley Natural Market and Raisnin Rack in Westerville. We also supply the Chadwick Arboretum with the only certified organic vegetable and herb starts available at the annual fundraiser plant sale.

We proudly supply central Ohioans the only certified organic seedlings grown in Columbus.

Plan your garden by browsing our certified organic seedling menu below: 

2019 Seedling Varieties:


Super Sweet 100 Indeterminate. Vigorous, reliable plants produce high-quality super sweet red fruit clusters. Loved by chefs all over the world.

Sungold - Indeterminate. Citrusy sweet tangy fruits with firm texture that start producing early. *hybrid

Black CherryIndeterminate. Large vines yield very well; unique and delicious earthy-flavored fruit.

SMALL SLICING TOMATOES (4-6 ounce fruits)

Rutgers - Determinate. Luscious red globes with acidic, rich flavor. Old school reliable red slicer.

Jaune Flamme Indeterminate. Zingy, well-balanced sweet and tart apricot-colored fruit. Great for drying, highly productive.

Black PrinceIndeterminate. Sturdy plants produce a large crop of round purple tomatoes with rich, complex flavor.

MEDIUM SLICING TOMATOES (6-12 ounce fruits)

Mountain PrincessDeterminate. Very productive plants bear mildly acidic, sweet fruit quickly. Works well in containers.

EverGreenDeterminate. Mild, subtle, well-rounded tomato flavor. Pick lime green fruits when skin yields to pressure.

Berkeley Tie-Dye Determinate. Compact plants set richly-flavored deep red delicious fruit with green tie-dye stripes.

BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES (10-16 ounce fruits)

Pruden’s Indeterminate. Deep pink fruits weigh close to 1 lb each with silky texture, best-in-class flavor. Disease resistant.

HillBillyIndeterminate. Heavy yellow and red marbled juicy tomato with sweet, low-acid flavor.

Cherokee PurpleIndeterminate. Large, dusky purple fruits with classic heirloom flavor. Favorite among gardeners.

HEIRLOOM PASTE TOMATOES (4-12 ounce fruits for cooking and preserving)

San MarzanoIndeterminate. Classic Italian sauce tomato. Large plants produce loads of elongated fruits late in the season.

RomaDeterminate. Reliable plants produce quality canning tomatoes with thick, tasty flesh. A popular old-time favorite.

Amish PasteIndeterminate. Bright red juicy, meaty fruits. Traditionally used for processing, also good for fresh eating.



Yankee Bell – Standard green bell pepper is quick to ripen to red.

Purple Bell – Sweet, small bell pepper that ripens to a dark purple color with earthier, richer flavor.

Orange Bell – Blocky, sweet and tangy, brilliant orange fruit with thick crisp flesh.

Corno di Toro - 8-inch long tapered red sweet peppers, great fresh or roasted. Large plants with big yields.

Jimmy Nardello – Long, thin-skinned, very sweet frying pepper. Ripens a deep red, very prolific, does well in most areas.

Hungarian Sweet – Compact plant produces tasty conical, small to medium sized fruit, ripens from yellow to orange to red.


Padron – Green ripening red pepper. Few fruits are hot, most are mild. Become hotter if allowed to further mature.

Poblano - Mild, heart-shaped chili perfect for stuffing or in sauces. Called ancho when ripened and dried.

Lemon Drop –Small compact plants produce 2” yellow fruits with clean heat and mild citrus flavor.

Jalapeno – Sturdy, prolific plants work well in containers. Delicious pepper has distinctive spicy flavor.

Thai Chile - THE hot heirloom chili. Small, bright-red pointed fruit, traditionally dried for crushed red pepper flakes.

Habanero– Small heart-shaped orange peppers with citrus flavor and searing heat.



PERENIALS                                                                     ANNUAL HERBS

Rosemary(T)               Italian Oregano                               Sweet Basil

Lavender                     Chives                                             Cilantro

English Thyme            Peppermint                                      Dill

Lemon Thyme             Spearmint                                        Pineapple Sage

Garden Sage               Parsley(T)                                        Lemon Verbena

Tarragon                      Winter Savory